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Creative Non-fiction: Home

This guide includes information pertaining to the writing process of creative nonfiction or literary nonfiction.

What is a LibGuide?

This LibGuide is a research tool that identifies resources available in and through the Morningside College Library, all of which will likely be helpful to those doing research in areas related to the title of this guide.

You will find listed here:

  • Book titles.
  • News articles appearing on the Web.
  • Names of specific databases.
  • Outstanding websites.
  • Links to 'places' where additional resources may  be found.

Creative Non-fiction

For your Creative Non-fiction class, you will have certain research projects or assignments to complete. This guide is meant to help you find resources and perform research for these assignments.

The first tab will help you find additional resources about Creative Non-fiction. These resources focus more on defining creative non-fiction, as well as how to write in this genre.  There are also RSS feeds of resources for creative non-fiction writers.

The second tab is for Memoir Research. This tab includes information and resources on broader social and historical issues that may connect to your memoir.  This sort of research will help augment your discussions.