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APA Citations (6th ed.): Online Government Document

This citation guide will help you learn how to format and cite your paper in APA style.

What is an online government document?

Online government document = a work published by any government agency and accessed via the Web.

Check out FDSYS (Federal Digital System).

Online Government Document

Reference List
Canada. Citizen and Immigration Canada. (2007, March 31). Visiting Canada. 

     Retrieved from

Note: It is optional to add Canada before the Agency name, as the agency is well known. If the agency is not well known, the higher department, office, agency, or institute must be listed first.

Citations in Text (Direct Quote)

(Canada. Citizen and Immigration Canada, 2007, para 20)

Note: Use page number, paragraph number or heading to identify exact location of quote.

Citations in Text (Paraphrase) (Canada. Citizen and Immigration Canada, 2007)