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History and Systems: Home

A guide for research projects and assignments in History and Systems.

Online Resources

History and Systems

For your History and Systems class, you will have certain research projects or assignments to complete. This guide is meant to help you find resources and perform research for these assignments.

The second tab gives help with your Historical Analysis Paper.

The third tab helps you find resources for your Book Critique

The fourth tab helps you find resources for your Autobiographical Report.

The fifth tab helps you find resources for your Topic Evolution Presentation.

The next two tabs cover the group assignments,  Recreation of Famous Experiments or Investigative Reports.

The eighth tab covers the 5-minute History Lesson while the ninth tab covers all of the Poster Project options.

The last tab covers information on and provides resources for in-class presentations.


Each tab also contains resources relevant to the other assignments. You may find it useful to refer back to other tabs when working on other assignments.