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Zotero Citation Software: Zotero Features

A Guide to Getting Started and Using Zotero

Zotero Features

Zotero Feature List

Zotero has many features. Here are a few of the most popular ones.

  • Collections
  • Notes
  • Tags
  • Attachments

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Getting Started with Zotero's Features

Zotero has a number of rich features to add a lot of functionality. The following sections will provide some quick how-tos on a few of these features.


Collections are a great way to organize your citations into separate groups making it easier to export, merge and keep track of the resources you have for particular topics. To create a new collection, all you need to do is click the "+" button circled in red in the screen shot below and you will be presented with a text box to name your new collection.


Notes allow you to add textual information concerning the citations you have. This will sync back to the Zotero server with your citations even if you are not syncing files.


Tags are another way to organize citations across different collections and projects. You can tag things by topic, source, project or anything else you want. A tag cloud is then created (in the second picture below) that will allow you to simply click on the tag you want to see the citations for, or you can search by tag using the search bar at the top of the Zotero interface.


Attachments is a great way to attach the actual resource to the citation. If you have a PDF, video or audio file, or perhaps a text file of notes you have already taken, it can be attached to the citation so you can always find the documents associated with that citation.

To add an attachment, click the paperclip at the top of the Zotero interface. Its circled in red below.


To see if you have an attachment with a citation, you can look to the right of the citation and it will have a dot in the attachment box.


Lastly, you can see the actual attachment by clicking the arrow to the left of the citation title to open the dropdown of the files that are currently attached to that citation. This dropdown will also include any notes you have written for that citation.

Zotero Features Video