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APA Citations (7th ed.): Reviews

This guide will help you learn how to properly cite sources in APA style and how to avoid plagiarism.


Reviews of books, films, TV shows, albums, and other entertainment are published in a variety of outlets, including journals, magazines, newspapers, websites, and blogs.

The reference format for a review should be the same as the format for the type of content appearing within that source, with the addition of information about the item being reviewed in square brackets after the review title.

Within square brackets, write "Review of the" and then the type of work being reviewed (e.g., film, book, TV series episode, video game); its title; and its author or editor, director, writer, and so forth, with a designation of role for all except regular authors of books.

See pp. 334-335 of the manual for more information.

Reviews Template

Film Review Published in a Journal

Copeland, K. J. (2018). Film review [Review of the film Moonlight, by B. Jenkins, Dir.]. Journal of Homosexuality, 65(5), 687-689.

Parenthetical citation: (Copeland, 2018)

Narrative citation: Copeland (2018)

Book Review Published in a Newspaper

El-Mohtar, A. (2019, December 27). A poltergeist who adores apricots and cat-loving A.I. [Review of the book Queen of the conquered, by K. Callender]. The New York Times.

Parenthetical citation: (El-Mohtar, 2019)

Narrative citation: El-Mohtar (2019)

TV Series Episode Review Published on a Website

Siede, C. (2020, January 5). Doctor Who embraces the past and resets its future [Review of the TV series episdoe "Spyfall, part two," by C. Chibnall, Writer, & L. H. Jones, Dir.]. A.V. Club.

Parenthetical citation: (Siede, 2020)

Narrative citation: Siede (2020)