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Keyword Searching: Combining Keywords

A guide to how to do keyword searching.

Combining Keywords

You can combine your search terms to create several potential search strategies to find relevant results. For phrases, use " " or ( ) to keep words together & in order.

Search Example 1: children AND violence AND "video games"

Search Example 2: youth AND gaming AND "aggressive behavior"

Search Example 3: kids AND "computer games" AND "aggressive behavior" OR "antisocial behavior"

Search Example 4: (youth OR children) AND (gaming OR "video games") AND violence

Combining keywords using AND, OR, & NOT is called Boolean searching.

Keyword Searching: AND

Combine different search terms with AND to narrow your results:


For example:
"video games" AND children

Keyword Searching: OR

Combine search terms with OR to expand your results. This works best with similar search terms, such as "video games" OR "computer games." But you can also use different search terms.

For example:
"video games" OR gaming

Keyword Searching: NOT

Combine similar search terms with NOT in order to narrow and limit your results:

For example:
children NOT teens